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Interviewed By The Legal Selva Podcast

Nassira El Hadri On The Legal Selva Podcast

In this podcast, Nassira El Hadri, the founder of our law firm, shares her inspiring journey. Her story is a powerful showcase of determination, resilience, and the commitment to excellence. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Nassira established our successful law firm and discusses the challenges and successes of creating her own practice, providing valuable insights for upcoming lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Interviewed By Entrepreneur TV

Nassira El Hadri On Entrepreneur TV

In this insightful conversation, Nassira shares her unique journey in the legal world, reflecting on her diverse international experiences and the founding of Hadri Law. As a passionate advocate for business success, Nassira offers valuable advice for entrepreneurs and businesses, drawing from her extensive experience. Whether discussing the start-up challenges or navigating complex legal landscapes, her insights are both practical and inspiring.

Interviewed By The A Shot of Life Podcast

Nassira El Hadri On A Shot of Life Podcast

In October 2020 our Founder and Principal Lawyer, Nassira El Hadri, was interviewed by Anton Haswell, the host of the A Shot of Life, a podcast that highlights the personal journeys of professionals and entrepreneurs in Canada, taking a snapshot of the person behind the professional title.

Mentor to Internationally Trained Lawyers

Nassira El Hadri Mentors Internationally Trained Lawyers

Our Founder and Principal Lawyer understands the challenges that internationally trained lawyers face when they come to Canada and intend to practice law. That's why she gives her time to internationally trained lawyers to help them navigate the licensing process.


Speaker at Spanish Contest for Young Scientists

Speaker at the 25th Anniversary of the Spanish Contest for Young Scientists

Nassira El Hadri was invited to speak at the 25th anniversary of the Spanish Contest for Young Scientists in the presence of the Director General of the Spanish Youth Institute, Rubén Urosa, the Spanish Secretary General of Universities, the Rector of the UNED University and the Vice President of the Scientific-Technical Area of the CSIC. The event took place in Madrid on December 13, 2012.

Interviewed On TV

A Day In The Life Of Nassira El Hadri

Nassira El Hadri was interviewed by TV3, the primary television channel of the Catalan public broadcaster, in 2013 when she was still in law school. This documentary shows how she managed law school with internship and volunteering. At that time, she didn't know that in a couple of years she would leave Europe and continue her legal career in Canada.

Presenter at the VII Spanish Research Seminar

Research Before Starting University by Nassira El Hadri

Nassira El Hadri conducted a research project which was recognized and awarded multiple prizes for its excellence. She was awarded the First Prize in the area of "Arts and Human Sciences" issued by the Spanish Contest for Young Scientists (Spanish Ministry of Education) and subsequently represented Spain a the 22nd European Union Contest for Young Scientists. On October 2, 2014, Nassira gave a presentation about developing research skills before going to university at the VII Spanish Research Seminar in Malaga.

Interviewed By 180 Graus

Nassira El Hadri's Life Story

Nassira El Hadri explains how did she experience immigration when she moved to Spain from Morocco at the age of six. During this interview, on April 25, 2013, Nassira was still studying law at Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona. She thought she was going to become a criminal lawyer in Spain. She had no idea that she would become a business lawyer in Canada, where she would run her own law firm.

Keynote Speaker at the XIX Literary Awards

Nassira El Hadri's Passion for Literature

Nassira El Hadri was invited to the XIX Terra de Fang Literary Awards to speak at the closing ceremony held on December 13, 2013. As an author, Nassira spoke about the importance of investing in literature and the benefits of promoting multiculturalism. Nassira wrote a book at the age of nineteen, which was published when she was twenty-one years old.

Storyteller in Barcelona

Nassira El Hadri Telling Stories From Her Book

In her capacity as a storyteller, Nassira El Hadri had the opportunity to engage with children at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona (Spain) by sharing with them stories from her book. She utilized her storytelling skills to captivate and entertain the young audience, while also imparting valuable lessons and encouraging their imaginations to run wild. At that time, in 2013, Nassira was still in law school. Despite her demanding academic commitments, she remained committed to pursuing this fulfilling experience, recognizing the power of narrative to captivate and engage young minds.

Author at the Age of 19

Nassira El Hadri's Book "Contes Arabs"

At the age of nineteen, Nassira El Hadri wrote a compilation of short stories for both children and adults. The compilation was recognized for its excellence and was awarded multiple prizes. In 2011, it was published by Malhivern editor. The book includes stories that Nassira's grandfather used to tell her when she was a child. She firmly believes that listening to stories played a vital role in developing her imagination and provided a strong foundation for fostering her creativity. Her objective in writing this book was to create a permanent record of these oral stories so that future generations could read and benefit from them.

Interviewed About Her Book

Nassira El Hadri Talks About Her Book and How She Got the Idea

Nassira El Hadri was interviewed to discuss her book, which she had written at the end of high school. The book, written in both Catalan and Arabic, reflected her passion for storytelling and her desire to share her cultural heritage with others. In addition to writing, Nassira had also been visiting schools, libraries, and museums to tell stories from her book. Despite her demanding schedule as a law student, she remained committed to giving back to her community through various extracurricular activities. For instance, she volunteered as a motivational speaker at a non-profit organization, inspiring immigrant children to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.