Practice Areas

Hadri Law is a Toronto based business law firm specializing in the areas of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law, and International Business Law.

Toronto Corporate Law
Business Formation & Governance

Our team supports clients at every stage of their business journey, from inception to dissolution, always focusing on their goals for success. We provide extensive legal support to enable efficient management of their business activities while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Doing Business & Contracting

Our services facilitate our clients in conducting transactions with other entities, ensuring the smooth and successful completion of each deal. We tailor our commercial legal practice to meet the unique needs of our clients, offering support in areas such as securing financing or crafting the terms of contracts.

Hiring & Dimissing Employees

We provide guidance to clients on issues related to employment contracts and office policies, ensuring compliance with employment legislation and standards. Recognizing the complexities in this area, we collaborate closely with our clients to minimize risks and handle possible conflicts effectively.

Doing Business Internationally

Our team helps clients in managing international transactions, trade agreements across borders, and adherence to global regulations, ensuring smooth international business operations. We also focus on reducing the risks associated with expanding into global markets.